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This series has been postponed to next semester, so that I can get speakers' schedules earlier. Organizational page for the brownbag speaker series. You can add the calendar in the Brown_Bag_Schedule for event updates.


who, specifically, is this for? Why do we need another speaker series?

Give mid- to late-career undergraduates a survey of research areas related to ISTA. Instead of focusing on results, speakers would

  1. present big ideas within their research area, or
  2. highlight accessible open problems.

In any case, the effect of the seminar is to present material that a student would otherwise not be exposed to in the undergraduate curriculum.

People to Contact

strike when contacted, add details when response is given

  • Clay Morrison
  • Shaughan Lavine
    • flexible, with notice
  • Bryan Heidorn
  • Christopher Hamilton
  • Ryan Gutenkunst
    • week of Sep. 29th or Oct. 6
  • Kevin Lin
  • Alon Efrat
  • Susan Durst
    • not 10-11, 12-1, 1-2 MWF
  • (other ISTA collaborators/potential collaborators?)

Finding a Day/Time

we want to avoid conflicting with other talks in ISTA or in other departments with significant interest overlap

  • CogSci : F 12:30 - 1
  • Stats Colloq: W 12 - 1
  • ICI Seminar: F 1:30 - 3
  • Applied Math BB : F 12 - 1
  • Modeling and Computation Seminar: ??


we need to ensure that people come, regularly, to these.

  • reach out to ugrad math cats, student acm, ugrad course announcements
  • set up a listserv and get people on it (or just get them to subscribe to the schedule page)

Next things to do

  • contact Clay
  • contact Colin
  • contact Shaughan
  • contact Alon
  • contact Susan
  • contact Ryan
  • contact Kevin