PrivacyGroup Event:2018/02/23 Blockchain: Tech hope and hype

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Blockchain is both a computerized ledger of transactions that cuts out intermediaries, and a utopian idea spreading fast. First used a decade ago as the basis of bitcoin, blockchain today is at the center of countless media conversations. Many are hailing it as a revolutionary way to decentralize all types of transactions between individuals and organizations on a global scale. Based in both truth and hype, these conversations mirror ideals and hopes of universal connectivity that arose around the early internet in the 1990s. How does the advance of blockchain technology change the information landscape, and how are people’s ideas around it determining its path?

On February 23rd at 10am, Diana Daly and David Sidi of the University of Arizona iSchool will talk about blockchain, and the hope and hype that are ushering it into our world. Hosted by the SBS Media Lab at 1017 North Highland Avenue, this conversation is part of the University of Arizona iSchool Colloquium series, and our audio will be recorded for future podcast distribution. Attendance is limited to 12 attendees with advance RSVP at (TBD). Join us.

Diana Daly is an interviewer, media producer, and Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona iSchool. David Sidi is a doctoral student and instructor with the iSchool and the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies, where he explores issues around on cryptography and privacy.