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Red Setters in Red Field

What is apparently metadata in these photograph is in fact part of the scene photographed. For example, the crosses in "Red Setters in Red Field" are pieces of string on pegs. What is metadata, anyway? :-)

Red setters in red field.png

Shed with Blue Line

Shed with blue line.png


Kathleen Kelly 1972

Kathleen kelly 1972.png


Ali-Williams (Overhead)

  • white square delineated cleanly from a messy exterior.
  • lines of white desks like echo lines, or waves from a stone dropped in a pool (and Williams did drop). Or like the square's dissolution.
  • 3 corners have scuff marks, Ali's corner is miraculously clean.
  • prostrate williams makes triangle with legs, rectangle with arms
  • Diagonal lines from overhead lights align with the fighters
  • Ali's corner is red with victory, Williams is a meek white. Williams is an unconscious ghost, Ali is fully alive.
  • Ali's shadow is a monstrous duplication of his body's form---his arms overhead transformed to his shadow's many tentacles---while Williams is unified with his shadow, flat on his back.
  • two men stripped to the waist fighting with each other, surrounded by suits. The spare white interior of the ring a counterpoint to their messy encounter. The staid lives of those outside the ring belies their appearance in visual tumult in the photograph.
  • two black men, surrounded by white men.
  • Two active men, surrounded by recorders.
  • echoes of the same man

Ali williams.jpeg