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Setting up BIDS


Debian, Ubuntu, Mint

  • TODO


  • TODO


Install Reach-Examples

  • download the JDK for Java 8 (or choose the latest Java version) from the java website
  • install the JDK with default options
  • download SBT from the scala website
  • run the installer with default options
  • close and reopen any terminals you have open
  • In a terminal run SBT (ensure your network remains connected, as things will be downloaded from maven repos.)
 > sbt
  • download git from the git website
  • install git with default options
  • close and reopen any terminals you have open
  • In a terminal make a directory to store the BIDS project. We will create a directory 'Src' (intended to store all source code we work on, including BIDS) with a directory 'BIDS' inside
 > mkdir Src
 > cd Src
 > mkdir BIDS
  • clone the reach-examples repository
 > git clone
  • change to the reach-examples directory
 > cd reach-examples
  • edit your PATH variable.
    • In a terminal, do (you may need to replace jdk1.8.0_91 with something similar but different)
 > cd c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_91\bin
    • now highlight the path to the left of the ">" (not including the ">") and do <ctrl><c> to copy it
    • Click Start, then Settings. Type "environment" into the search box in the corner of the settings window
      • Click "edit the system environment variables"
      • Click the "Environment Variables..." button
      • Select "Path" from the "System variables" box, and click "Edit..."
      • Click at the end of the Variable value field to edit the text.
      • Add a semicolon ";", then right click and select paste.
      • Click OK in all windows, close the settings window, and close all open terminals
  • In a new terminal, change to the reach-examples directory. For my case, this is
 > cd Src\BIDS\reach-examples
  • run reach-examples with sbt (again sbt will download several things, so ensure your connection to the internet is up)
 > sbt run
  • when prompted, type the number of the selection for com.yourorg.GroundStringsEntryPoint
  • If no errors are shown, move to the next section

Install BIDS

  • download latest python 2.7.x
  • install python
  • in a terminal change to the directory containing reach-examples, then clone the BIDS repository (so that the BIDS directory and the reach-examples directory are siblings:
 > cd Src
 > git clone

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