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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Assignment 2

General note: if you send me email using GPG, you will get some extra credit (this is on some upcoming slides, but now you know a bit early).

Section 2 (Simple Auditing) Questions

  • For question 2.3 this is done off of the VPS, right?
    It can be, or it can be done on your local machine if you'd prefer. If you've already got mitmproxy set up locally, I'd using that rather than setting things up again on your server.

Section 3 (Tor) Questions

  • How do I get my browser to use the tor process created when I called
$ tor --control-port=9051
Use a normal browser (ie not the Tor browser) by changing your proxy settings (web searches will help with how to do that if you are not already familiar with it). You'll want to use a SOCKS proxy through on port 9050 (Tor has a SOCKS listener on 9050, and bc of the --control-port option you specified, it also listens on 9051 as a control port, which you'll use with Stem). You can go to to check that things worked.